Why Quick Fixes Don’t Work

Google the words “Fast Fat Loss” and instantly you’ll get over 4,000,000 results, with titles like  “5 Rules of Fat Loss,” “Emergency Fat Loss,”Bulletproof’s Rapid Fat Loss Protocol,” and MANY MANY MORE!  We all want results now, so these so-called “quick fixes” seem enticing and many people give them a try.   We’re promised results if we just follow a set meal plan, drink a couple shakes and pop a couple pills!  It sounds great, but there’s one big problem:  The faster we lose weight, the faster we’ll gain it back (plus more), which leads to a damaged metabolism.  Quick fixes are short-lived and make our future fat loss attempts even harder!

I know there’s nothing “sexy” about consistency. . . there’s nothing “hardcore” about moderation, BUT they work!  There’s no one plan or quick fix that will shed pounds for the long run!  You can read tons of fat loss rules, cut out foods that some so-called “experts” claim make you fat (gluten, wheat, dairy, etc.), and listen to thousands of other myths and mis-information thrown at you on the internet, BUT there’s only one bulletproof way to lose fat and keep it off (hint: it’s not drinking Bulletproof coffee).

You MUST create a caloric deficit overtime and stop looking for the quick fix!  Sustained fat loss takes time and patience.  It takes learning your body and listening to your own biofeedback.  Any diet out there will work if it creates the caloric deficit needed to lose fat, BUT if you’re left feeling hungry, tired or craving sugar or other processed foods, the fat loss won’t last because you’ll run out of willpower!  You’ve got to learn the right way to eat and exercise for YOUR body and stop searching for the next best diet or fat loss fad!

Sound like too much work?  My question to you is this:  How long have you gained and lost the same 10-20lbs. in your life?  It’s time to stop going for the quick fix, because the quick fix is short-term.  When we yo-yo diet we continue to further damage our metabolism making future fat loss attempts even harder!

Learn your own body by listening to how your body responds to food and exercise.  For some, simply eating 3 meals a day and exercising 3 times a week will produce fat loss while keeping hunger, energy and cravings balanced.  For others, eating 4 or 5 times a day and exercising 5 days a week might do the trick!  There’s no ONE answer that will work for every person.

The bottom line is that in order to lose body fat, we MUST create a caloric deficit.  The long-term success of this deficit relies on balancing our hormones as we lose fat.  If we don’t balance hormones, we’re left feeling hungry, sluggish and fighting immense cravings, and we will have to rely on willpower, which ALWAYS runs out!  This is a HUGE reason most diets don’t work.  They are super restrictive, and provide a specific meal plan, which is not realistic to follow forever.  Until we learn how to eat, instead of being told what to eat, we won’t be able to lose the fat for good!

Here are the 3 things you need to start paying attention to in order to balance hormones for effective fat loss:


If these 3 things are balanced while you’re in a caloric deficit, your fat loss will be sustainable!  So how do you balance these 3 things?  It takes proper nutrition and the right type of training!  Fueling your body with lots of nutritious foods such as fibrous vegetables and lean proteins, and finding the right workout regimen that increases muscle mass and burns fat!  For more information on this and other tools/tips on nutrition and fitness, be sure to sign up for my newsletter HERE!

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