The ONE Way to Lose Fat!

Go onto Amazon and search “diet book” and you’ll get over 200,000 results!  Everything from Paleo to Vegetarian and everything in between!  The diet industry makes a whopping $20 billion a year off the 108 million dieters in the United States (most of these people attempting 4 or 5 diets a year).

I can’t even wrap my head around this!  With all the money spent on weight loss and all the dieters out there trying time and time again, why has obesity become an epidemic in the U.S.?  If you missed my last post on Quick Fixes, you’ll want to check it out HERE!  It’s a little glimpse into why most diets out there just don’t work!  I’m here to give you the ONE tip you need to effectively lose fat!  Ready for it. . . .

CREATE A CALORIC DEFICIT!  If you keep asking yourself, “I wonder if _____ diet will work for me?” The answer is “YES,” as long as you stick to it and it creates a caloric deficit for you!  If it’s a QUICK FIX or CRASH DIET, you are not only MORE LIKELY to gain the weight back, but chances are you’ll gain even more!  Be consistent and work hard and you’ll not only lose fat, but you’ll keep it off!

Lets talk science. . . 3,500 calories = 1 lb. of fat!  How many of you out there actually knew that???  Now, of course our bodies aren’t robots or machines and they don’t work perfectly. . . we are all as different on the inside as we are on the outside, but the point is, that if you consistently create a deficit through proper nutrition and exercise, eventually the fat will come off!  Whether you create the deficit through following a gluten-free diet, a vegetarian diet or a Paleo diet, at the end of the day, it takes creating a deficit to lose weight. . . these diets are not magical, they just get you into the deficit!

The more restrictive the diet (the greater the caloric deficit), the more likely you’ll put the weight back on, just as I mentioned above!  If a diet removes an entire food group or restricts specific foods, chances are you won’t be able to maintain this for the long run.  You’ll basically be relying on willpower, and the willpower battery will ALWAYS run out!  If you missed my blog on Why Diets Don’t Work, read it HERE!  I give 3 tips on how you can become an expert in your body to lose the fat for good!

So next time you’re tempted by a fad diet, special shake, pill or detox, remember, the more you crash diet, the more weight you’ll continue to gain back and the harder it will be to get it off on each future attempt!  Slower is better when it comes to fat loss. . . you didn’t gain the weight overnight and you can’t expect to lose it overnight either.  Put in the work, and eventually the fat will come off. . .  IT’S SCIENCE!

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