If you follow the nutrition/fat loss world, you probably hear a lot of talk about hormones and calories.  Some so-called "experts" will have you believe only hormones matter, while others will have you thinking only calories matter.  So what is it?
It's BOTH!  Without a caloric deficit, you WILL NOT lose weight!  So one could argue that calories matter the most, but that doesn't mean hormones don't matter!  If you struggle to lose weight and I told you that you just needed to eat fewer calories, that may sound simple, but the application can feel impossible!
By simply just cutting calories and neglecting to balance hormones, your fat loss efforts will be short-lived.  You'll be fighting hunger, cravings and super low energy levels, and you'll likely give up sooner than later!
If you've yo-yo dieted at all in your life, chances are you've lost and put on the same 10,15 or 20+ pounds. . . this actually changes your fat cells, thus changing your hunger hormones and ultimately making it harder to cut calories because you are likely hungrier all the time!
So simply telling someone to just cut calories is only a piece of the puzzle! 
Another way to think of it is like this. . . let's take a person addicted to heroin as our example (I know it's extreme, but stick with me).  The ultimate answer to getting off this drug would be to tell the person to just stop using it, but we all know fighting drug addiction is WAY more complicated than that!  Yes, the ultimate solution is to get the person off the drug, but therapy and other interventions need to take place to make this a successful and life-long change!
The same holds true for fat loss.  The bottom line is that you must create a caloric deficit, but if you don't balance hormones while in this deficit you'll find yourself still stuck in the yo-yo diet trap!  Willpower ALWAYS runs out, and the metabolism is adaptive and reactive, so if you don't have the right tools, even if you do lose  weight, you'll eventually hit a wall and not see further results!
This is EXACTLY what I work with my clients on in my RESTORE Hormonal Fat Loss/Nutrition Coaching Group.  We work to RESTORE the metabolism, which has likely been damaged from years of dieting; we work to RESTORE hormonal balance so that we can create a caloric deficit that is sustainable and doesn't rely on willpower; and we work to RESTORE your relationship with food and exercise!
Everyday you open your social media feed and read the latest post on fitness and nutrition, chances are you being fed BS.  You're being told that EXTREMES are the answer, and oftentimes these "experts" are instilling fear in you. . . fear of certain foods, etc. and telling you they are the culprit to your health and weight issues.  I want to help you CUT THROUGH ALL THE BS!


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