Days are long, work is hectic, kids have you running them all over for school, sports and activities, and life in general is pulling you in all directions, which leaves you exhausted every day and unmotivated to workout!

People tell me all the time Well, it must be easy for you, because you own The Studio and LOVE to workout. While that is true, it doesn’t always keep me fully motivated to workout when I’m up with kids, tired after long days of mom duties, and exhausted from all the other work I do for The Studio. Just like most others out there, I too have times of low motivation, but I’ve learned what works to help get me out of my funk!


  1. COMMIT TO 10 MINUTES! Yes, that’s right, just 10 minutes! Most mornings I wake up before 5am, and there’s a part of me that wants to stay in bed. So I talk myself into just a 10-minute sprint primer or a 10-minute metabolic chain! If I’m still not feeling it, then I stop there, and that’s okay because a 10-minute intense workout has major benefits! BUT most of the time my endorphins get pumping and I end up going at least 20 minutes and get my full workout in!
  2. FIND A TRIBE! One thing I LOVE about The Studio is that I get an amazing group of people to workout with. I know they count on me to be there and motivate them, and that fires me up! So find a place to train that you connect with the people, and a place that inspires you to go back!
  3. COMMIT TO 3 DAYS A WEEK! Times I’m feeling less motivated I don’t expect that I’ll kill workouts 5-6 days a week, and actually taking a periodic break from a routine like that is beneficial! Usually every few months I focus on more leisure activities and cut back to fewer intense workouts each week. There’s no point in going 6 days a week to workout and being completely unmotivated and getting just mediocre workout, when you could just do 2-3 days of super intense workouts!  The latter scenario – less workouts, but more intense – is better!
  4. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE! I used to be so hard on myself mentally for skipping a workout. First off, sometimes we need a break physically and mentally! Secondly, our lives are not all about working out, and it’s absolutely okay to miss workouts and not consider ourselves lazy! Taking a break, taking an extra rest day or going on a vacation on not being motivated to workout is not going to make or break you! Be kind to yourself!

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