How to Get “Toned”

When I ask my clients what their goals are, one of the most common responses I get is “Carrie, I want to be toned.”  While that’s not my favorite word, I get it!  I know what they want is to look lean and a bit muscular without feeling “bulky” or putting on too much mass.

So how do you get “toned?”  Many people that work with me initially believe that they should lift  light weights a lot of times (I picture the 3lb. neoprene dumbbells that are used in some aerobic classes or the As Seen on TV Shake Weight!).   They are fearful that picking up a heavy weight will lead to bulk, and this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Let me break it down. . .

In order to increase lean muscle mass, you MUST overload the muscle so it can repair/rebuild, and to get “toned” you NEED muscle. . . otherwise it’s what I would refer to as “skinny fat,” which is a thin physique with very little lean mass.  There’s nothing wrong with the latter physique, it’s just that if you want to have the look of someone who works out, you’ve got to increase your muscle mass.

So we have the first piece. . .LIFT HEAVIER to increase muscle!  BUT that’s not all. . . just lifting heavy will help increase lean muscle, but in order to look “toned” you must shed the layer of fat over the muscle.  One common thing I’ll tell my clients is “We all have a 6-pack, we just have a layer of fat covering it up.”  Think about it. . . how many times have you looked in the mirror and wanted better abs, so you do more sit-ups?  I see this all the time, but it’s not the ticket to leaner abs!  We can’t spot reduce fat by working out a muscle. . . instead we must lose the layer of fat over the muscle to reveal the muscle and get the “toned” or “defined” look.

So the second part to getting “toned” is SHEDDING FAT!  Some of you may be wondering if it’s actually possible to BUILD MUSCLE and SHED FAT at the same time.  While it is difficult (our bodies need extra calories to build muscle, and less calories to lose fat), it is possible through what is called Body Recomposition.  It takes patience and hard work, but it’s achievable and will get you a more muscular/defined body!

When we look at how to shed fat through exercise, many people default to cardio!  Cardio has its place in all of this, but long duration steady-state cardio is going to leave you feeling hungrier (leading to an increase in calorie consumption) and it’s also going to waste away the hard-earned muscle you need to put on in order to get muscle definition!  So too much cardio is counter-productive!  Are you confused yet?

Let’s review the 2 THINGS YOU NEED TO GET “TONED:”

  1. Build Muscle
  2. Shed Fat

There are many ways you can achieve these 2 things, BUT if you’re like me, you want the most effective way that saves time (because who has time for double days at the gym?!).

This is where Metabolic Conditioning & Sprint Training come in!  The idea is to do short-duration workouts with heavy loads that require you to rest a lot, creating a metabolic response that will build/preserve muscle and shed extra fat. Total body/hybrid movements that get the heart pumping and short-duration sprints that are designed to blast fat and preserve lean muscle are the way to achieve this!

Both of these types of training are included in my 9-week #DumbbellDefined program.  This dumbbell-based program is designed to help you achieve Body Recomposition and get you the “toned” physique you’re after.  The workouts are short and effective and don’t require more than 40-minutes a day (some days even less!).  ADDED BONUS. . .you only need dumbbells and a bench. . . no gym required!

I’m a mom, wife and business-owner, and just like you I don’t have time to waste away working out.  I need workouts that I can do just about anywhere, that require little equipment, and can be done while my kids sleep!  I don’t have hours to waste doing cardio, nor do I want to waste away my hard-earned muscle!

If you’re ready to get DEFINED and get the “toned” look you’ve been working for, click HERE to on the waitlist to be the first to know when it’s available again for purchase!


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