Cardio-Queen turned Fit Mom!

If I’m going to be 100% real, I have to say, I’m super nervous about my first blog post.  I semi-blog on Instagram every single day, but to officially take on a new adventure that’s been in the works for quite some time is super exciting and sends all kinds of emotions through my veins!  So, I thought. . . lets start from where I started. . .my CARDIO QUEEN DAYS!  I thought this was perfect too because just the other day I was at an appointment and the doctor’s assistant asked what I do for a living (this always opens up big conversation!).  We got to talking and she told me that she and her husband had “fallen off the wagon” and needed to get going again.  She said she had just told him they would start going back to the gym, but she wouldn’t be lifting heavy weights with him, she needed cardio.

Hmm. . . .This reminded me of my college self.  I remember going to the gym with my boyfriend at the time and he would lift weights, while I would spend an hour or more grinding away on the cardio.  (I should insert that I knew better because at the time I was studying for my Master’s Degree in Kinesiology).  I partied hard and used exercise as a means of “un-doing” all the bad cr*p I ate.  I thought the more hours I clocked in, the better I was, the more fit I would be!

Fast-forward a few years after graduation.  I opened The Studio with my sister at the ripe age of 24. . . we taught every single class because we couldn’t afford to hire trainers.  In between classes, we would go for runs or walks or do our own workouts!  A light exercise day was an hour, but an average day was 2+ hours!  It’s honestly embarrassing typing this, but I have to be real!  When I met my husband, I decided to open another studio, so began the long workout days and the needed runs I would squeeze in for “me” time.

Just talking about this all makes me exhausted!  I constantly had injuries from running and if anyone or anything got in the way of one of my workouts, I would actually get irritated!  I was OBSESSED!  And I knew the science, but I was addicted and caught up in the cycle!  At this point I thought “How could I do less at this point?” “If I look the way I do working out 2+ hours a day, how could I possibly do less?” Questions like this ran rampant through my head, I was so scared to slow down!  I was fearful I’d blow up like a balloon or something!

I had a few “Come to Jesus” moments that were a real slap in the face of reality!  First, my wedding day. . . I was literally in a walking boot!  My beautiful wedding shoes are still sitting in a box up in my closet never worn.  I had a stress fracture in my tibia because I was running WAY too much!  Running everyday 2-3 miles at least, plus a long run or 2 on the weekends, in addition to training and teaching classes at The Studio.  Then, I had my first baby. . . kids will really make you change!  I knew I couldn’t be a wife and a mom and continue this lifestyle.  It wasn’t making me better, it was making me more tired, irritable and if I kept up at the rate I was going, and continued to have to do more and eat less to get better results, my metabolism would’ve shut down (well not literally, but it was suffering and slowing down!).  Then came along baby 2, then baby 3.  Three kids in 5 years, plus owning my own studio was taking a toll, and although I had changed my training immensely by this point, I still knew there had to be a better way!

I started learning everything I possibly could about women, fat loss, hormones and more!  I dug through articles and research papers for over a year to unlock what  I knew was a missing piece to the puzzle!  My workouts now are SHORT, INTENSE AND STRESS-FREE!  No long runs for me anymore, but instead more time for my family and friends.  No more nagging injuries, but a body that is energized, strong and honestly MORE MUSCULAR NOW THAN I WAS PRE-KIDS!  


The Wedding Party. . . and the white flip-flops!

The Shoes. . . still in the box!

3 thoughts on “Cardio-Queen turned Fit Mom!”

  1. Yay! Go for it, Carrie! There is such an information clog out here. I have learned sooooo much from The Studio (and still building). Even your breakfast post the other morning was an “oh, that’s cool, I can do that” for me. I’m not a cook or a jock, so even the little things count. Big picture: sharing counts, impacting everyone differently, driving towards the same goal. I wish I could deliver THE STUDIO to everyone who says to me, “Wow! You look great! How’d you do that?!” Now I can say, “here’s a great blog, start from the beginning.” You and Amy have done such a great job getting out the true health, nutrition, exercise metabolism message. Bravo!

  2. I was at that wedding…didn’t matter what you had on…you were beautiful…as you always have been…both inside and out!

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